Sugar…Answer to Rust Problems?

road salt truck 300x199 Sugar...Answer to Rust Problems?It’s winter again. And with snow covering the roads and bringing moisture everywhere, bridges, cars and other metal pieces are more prone to rusting especially that road salt is often used for snow clearing. However, chemists have now found a way to make the road salt a less corrosive agent.

The Department of Transportation in Montana is currently experimenting on the use of an additive based on corn sugar to slow down the corrosive property of road salt. The said biology-based chemical is made from sodium gluconate which is derived from gluconic acid.

If a gallon of the said additive is mixed with every thirteen of ordinary brine or water saturated with salt, corrosion can be slowed down for up to 70 percent. That’s according to Dr. Dave Wilkening, the product manager or corrosion sciences at Rivertop where the additive is from.

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Road salt is a common sight just anywhere that winter brings snow. But putting salt on a road’s surface creates a massive amount of salty water that corrodes bridges and (as any car owner in a winter region knows) cars. Bridge corrosion is no small matter: The 2007 bridge collapse on Interstate 35 in Minneapolis that killed 13 people and injured 145 was partially caused by corrosion in the structure.

Since road salt contributes to the problem, chemists have sought a way to make the road salts less corrosive, or at least slow the process down. The Montana Department of Transportation is experimenting with using a biologically based chemical based on corn sugar.

From a company called Rivertop, the additive, Headwaters, is made from sodium gluconate, which is derived from gluconic acid. Gluconic acid occurs pretty widely in nature –- in wine for example. By adding about one gallon for every thirteen of ordinary brine (a solution that is about 23 percent salt and 77 percent water), corrosion can be slowed by up to 70 percent, Dr. Dave Wilkening, product manager of corrosion sciences at Rivertop told Discovery News.


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As an agent that can slow down the rate of corrosion, the corn-sugar-based additive also greatly helps reduce construction repair expenses and even loss of lives and injuries. But even if it’s not winter, metal items are still exposed to several sources of moisture, correct? Now what can you do to protect them from rusting?

Well, there are now many rust inhibitors and rust removal products that you can purchase. Nonetheless, not all of them works. And so you must be picky with your choice of rust removal solution.

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