Removing Rust From Older Coins

Many collectors of old coins have to deal with rust hindering the value of the coins. Sometimes the rust is so bad that you can’t even read any of the markings of the coins on it. It is always a wise idea to remove the rust using a natural rust remover instead of acid or other harsh chemical based rust removers so that if the coin is of any value, you don’t ruin it.

I have older coins from like the 1800′s (they were put out by shell) They are of the countries 15 Prime Ministers. They have become corroded and discoloured. How do I clean?/ Repair?

Best Rust Remover

Removing rust naturally from coins is the safest way to remove rust and keep from harming the surface. Rusterizer has been labeled as the best rust remover on the market because not only does it remove rust from many different types of surfaces such as metal, cement, and clothes, it also helps prevent rust in the future as well. In many cases, you can just spray Rusterizer rust removal spray right on the surface and watch it react to the rust and remove it without even having to scrub the surface. This is a huge benefit for coin collectors who want to remove rust from their old coins without damaging the surface. Learn more about removing rust by watching these rust removal tips videos and see how well Rusterizer works.

Natural Rust Cleaner Reviews And Action Videos

Organic Rust Removal Case Studies


  1. Momsey

    Cleaning coins is fairly risky. Botched cleaning jobs can make a very valuable coin almost worthless on the market, and actually do more harm than good to a coin. Deciding whether or not to clean isn’t easy. Cleaning goes in and out of fashion like any other trend; some years, cleaned coins are popular and other years, they’re not. Overall, serious collectors prefer "natural" coins.

    Best of luck!
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  2. Lefty

    If the coins are worth anything cleaning them will make them lose all of their value.
    If they aren’t worth anything and you just want them clean, go at it easy. Start with Rusterizer and let it sit. This stuff realy works well. Do not use anything that is abrasive.
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  3. connie

    will heavily corroded but graded coins hold their value and even increase in value, due to the corrosion?

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