Removing Rust From Guitar Strings Without Using Steel Wool

Rust can form on any type of surface whether it be precious metals, cement walls or driveways, and even clothes. Many people who play the guitar and store it for long periods of time often have the problem of rust on the guitar strings. Here is a quick way to remove rust from guitar strings without having to scrub them with steel wool.

Remove Rust Without Scrubbing

Now there is a natural way to remove rust without even having to lift a finger to scrub it. Rusterizer is a natural rust cleaner that is not only safe for the environment it is also safe to use without burning or harming the skin. This natural rust remover is 100% organic can doesn’t contain any toxic chemicals such as acid. Since there are not toxic chemicals, Rusterizer makes it so much easier and safer to remove rust from any surface.

In order to remove rust from guitar strings, you will first need to remove the strings from the guitar. Next all you will have to do is spray the guitar strings with Rusterizer and let it sit for about 15 seconds. You will start to see the rust literally disappear right before your eyes. Once all the rust has been removed just dry the guitar strings off with a towel and place them back on the guitar. Check out some more videos of Rusterizer in action.

Natural Rust Cleaner Reviews And Action Videos

Organic Rust Removal Case Studies


  1. footballphenom34

    @seofelite he’s …
    @seofelite he’s talking about the sting holder not the actual stings. I had some rust biulding on the bridge of the guitar and this worked great. kinda made a mess but nothing a vaccum can’t fix.

  2. robertocrbh

    This is not right! …
    This is not right!
    If you clean stainless steel with steel wool it will get worst if you don’t remove completely the steel wool!
    Try after to apply any mineral oil to avoid te rust.

  3. ADPhotoshop

    the only problem …
    the only problem with steel wool, is that it sticks to the magnetic pickups, like tiny little fine hairs

  4. Abran7manX

    rubbing steel wool …
    rubbing steel wool on those parts will not get rid of rust, it will only knock the surface rust off and allow even more rust to form later on

  5. jcodym13

    can i use steel …
    can i use steel wool on a really fancy knife to remove rust without messing the blade up?

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