Remove Rust From Cast Iron Grill

Many people love to cook on cast iron grills but one of the most important things to do is to put the cast iron grill under some cover and out of the rain to prevent rust from forming on the grill itself and the cooking area. Cast iron is just like any other metal and the chances they will rust are almost a guarantee.

I have a Lodge cast iron hibachi style grill. I carelessly left it outside and it has since rusted. I plan to remove the rust with a drill mounted wire brush, but then what? I’d rather not paint it because I don’t want any off gassing while cooking. Can I coat with vegetable oil and re-season by filling with hot charcoal?

Removing Rust Without A Wire Wheel

You have to be very careful not to damage the cast iron when trying to remove rust from it’s surface. Even though you know that you can remove the rust using a wire brush, the wire brush may damage the grill itself depending on how much damage the rust has already caused. In most cases the rust will form on the grill plates and if you are lucky that is all the damage it has caused.

If the rust has been on the grill plates for long periods of time, the grills may become weak and if you use a wire brush the grills may literally break. The best thing to do is try a natural rust removal spray. This rust cleaner will not only remove rust but will not leave chemical residue on the grills that you may even taste or cause you to get sick if you grill food.

One of the best things about removing rust with an organic rust remover is that it is safe for the metal but also safe for you in the terms of not having to worry about harsh acid harming the metal or your skin. It would be a wise idea to try a natural rust removal spray to remove the rust before using a wire brush because the spray may remove all the rust for you without you even having to scrub it.

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  1. David H

    "Can I coat with vegetable oil and re-season by filling with hot charcoal?"

    That’s what I would try.
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  2. John

    NO! do not use vegetable oil. bad idea. do this instead;
    1. use metal wire to scrape off most of the rust.
    2. drip bleach onto the worst rusting areas to kill the rust cells(they are what make the rust)
    3. put duct tape over the places that rusted. this will prevent future rusting and increase your grills lifetime.
    4. dont use your grill for a week. store it in a WARM,DRY environment.
    5. your grill should be good to go. while this method may take longer and seem unorthodox, it will increase the lifetime of your grill by at least 15 years.
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  3. movinonman

    Basically you are on target with your solution. I would clean off all of the rust with a wire wheel and then use a wire brush. From there I would use an scouring pad with a good cleaner like comet. Rinse off completely and then re-season it. Make sure you get it good and hot and wire brush it some more. Then it should be fine for you to use.

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    Have owned 2 restaurants for 15 yrs and have had to remove rust from char broilers on a regular basis.

  4. sensible_man

    Clean off the rust with the wire wheel/brush and then use cooking spray on it. Don’t leave it out in the rain again.
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