How to remove rust stains off your gunite swimming pool

Whoever said that cleaning your swimming pool and getting rid of rust stains is a difficult thing to do. Below are quick and easy concrete rust removal tips to help you get back the pool you once had for your home parties and self relaxation.

1.If you find rust stains at the bottom of your pool, the first thing to do is to take all water out. Apply Rusterizer directly on the rust stains. The Rusterizer comes in special formula which allows you to get rid of rust without even having to scrub or wipe it off. Cleaning up the whole pool would be a lot easier and faster!

2.To make sure that your pool is free from rust, get a professional test and have your pool’s PH, total alkalinity, stabilizer, free chlorine levels and calcium hardness be tested. If the results tell you rust24 How to remove rust stains off your gunite swimming poolthat the alkalinity is poor, then rusts are more likely to form.

3.Another easy option to remove stains is to drain the pool and treat directly the cause of rust. Patch the existing rust using a pluster.

4.Don’t wait until you are required of a rust removal. Protection remains the best way of ensuring a rust-free pool all the time. Deal with your rust prevention products as much as possible. Although you will see a wide range of concrete rust removers in the market today, prevention still makes the best treatment!

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