Safe Non-Pesticide Solution To Kill & Prevent Bed Bugs

We were testing a brand new bed bug product this past few weeks after having our own breakout from one of our staff traveling abroad. We were a bit nervous as how much it may have cost us to get rid of bed bugs using a bed bug exterminator. After researching the true bed bug exterminator cost, we were enlightened to find a non pesticide solution which pest professionals are using to kill and prevent bed bugs.

If you have a bed bug problem and are looking for a more affordable way to get rid of them without having a pest control company come out… then defeinitely check out the product called bed bug bully.

You can see the press loving this product…. we chose to try it and could of not been more happy.

 Safe Non Pesticide Solution To Kill & Prevent Bed Bugs
My Cleaning Products Releases New Batch of Bed Bug Spray Complimentary ...
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Bed bugs are small but are a big trouble. And with their prevalence these days, the public needs a help to kill them fast and safe. My Cleaning Products asserted that Bed Bug Bully -its pesticide-exempt bed bug spray- is that best help anyone could get.

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 Safe Non Pesticide Solution To Kill & Prevent Bed Bugs
Bed Bug Plague Two Jefferson City Housings, My Cleaning Products Suggests a ...
The company elaborated that numerous hotels, hospitals and pest-control companies have proven that the Bed Bug Bully could kill those critters, even their eggs and nymphs, quick. Moreover, it shared that it is made of organic ingredients and, therefore ...

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 Safe Non Pesticide Solution To Kill & Prevent Bed Bugs
Bed Bugs Trouble Pitt County Elementary, My Cleaning Products Suggest a Bed ...
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Considering though that Bed Bug Bully has already been proven effective by hotels, hospitals and pest-control companies and is organic-based, it asserted that it is the best choice amongst others. Burlington, NC (PRWEB) April 03, 2014. Bed bugs were ...

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Looking to do your own bed bug inspection?

If you are looking to do your own bed bug inspection. Then be sure to know what to look for. We found some great guides and bed bug images to look at before going in to battle.

Check out the extensive guide on how to check for bed bugs.

And of Course Here is A Full PDF guide to help you with inspecting for bed bugs all the way to killing them and preventing them from coming back.

How To Get Rid of Mold After A Flood?

Mold is always going to pop up after you have some severe moisture and humidity. This is a breeding ground for black mold and it can be quite deadly to those who are susceptible.

Rather then going thru the different types of mold, I would worried about all forms of mold. Not just black mold… the only one you can really not worry about is cladosporium which grows on fruit. This is not deadly… but to very highly allergenic folks, it can be deadly.

As for which molds to worry about… all of them. If it’s black mold then you need to get rid of it.

How To Get Rid of Black Mold?

Understanding why you have black mold is important. Here are some facts as to why it is growing in your home. Remember, you need to understand the source of the problem in order to correct the problem.

Moisture Problems Arise From:

  • A/C not being balanced and sweating
  • A/C duct work being placed incorrectly
  • Roof leak
  • Water intruding into home
  • Outdoor sprinklers hitting your wall consistently
  • and many other

Hint… Hint… these are wonderful locations to check right now if you have mold. These protocols are neatly organized from a wonderful mold removal procedures site.

Next Step: Inspecting For Mold 

After you understand common locations how mold can create the problem. You are halfway to getting rid of the problem. Even though… you may have a flood and you need to remove the mold. You will need to be aware the water seeps into every building material it can. This can lead to doorways with mold, furniture bottoms with mold, and even a/c handlers and your clothes.

If you are looking to get rid of mold from your clothes, I would recommend a non allergenic mold laundry detergent.

Ok.. so back to your mold inspection.

Some Popular Problematic Locations:

  • Perimeter Walls
  • Doors
  • Basements
  • Ceilings
  • Carpeting (Pickup Carpet & Check Tack Strips)

Look for the following in these locations:

  • Water damage or Water stains
  • Warping of building material (wood framing, etc)
  • Funky musty odors
  • Mold stains

You will want to look for moisture stains and water damage in these areas.  Look for black staining or simple greyish water damage on all wood and other building materials. Even your carpeting can be water damage and may need to be removed.

Pictures of Water Damage:

As always if you think it is too much work or above your level of knowledge, you can always look into hiring mold inspection companies in your local area.

Here is a useful guide on Mold Inspections:

Removing The Mold:

When removing mold you can do it in two ways. Have a professional remove the mold or simply do it yourself.

In this piece, I am going to explain what I found most mold professionals are using. The non toxic formula was actually released to the public after new licensing agreements. The product was so successful it was hard for the company to release it to the public, because the large companies who were using the mold cleaners were simply wanting it all to themselves.

So if you are looking to kill mold and keep it from coming back. There are excellent solutions to do this for you. These are the black mold cleaning products I would highly recommend. You can learn more about Molderizer at their mold remediation products website.


Do You Have Any Rusterizer Coupons?

We have been getting alot of comments for rusterizer coupons.

If you don’t know… rusterizer is one of the premiere non toxic rust removers. It is a non acid solution that removes rust without scrubbing. We have used this amazing product and it saves us huge amount of time and labor.

Large cleaning companies love it too because of the amount of labor cost they cut by having this product. It has been used by the New York Jets stadium, Large Bridges around country and many other well known institutions including Bank of America’s.

So as expensive as professional rust treatment is, My Cleaning Products would like to help make rust removal less expensive.

Rust, in many ways, could damage metal pieces. In fact, with its stain, it could actually damage almost any item. It could form in your indoor and outdoor metal-made furniture pieces, equipments and vehicles. It could also stain your carpets, walls and clothes.

To save anything that it gets into, soon after you see it, you must do a rust treatment no matter if it’s just a stain in a fabric. And basically, that’s because rust easily and quickly eats metal pieces. In fabrics, its stain could also stay permanent if not immediately removed. So basically, whether it’s really a corrosion or just a stain, you need to promptly get rid of it to prevent worse problems or complete ruin of the item.

However, though hiring a rust contractor is the easiest and fastest way to get rid of rust, it is also the most expensive. And so if you think you can handle the rust treatment yourself, sometimes, it is best to do it yourself.

But of course, you would need the help of a rust spray to do that. Without it, you could probably clear the rust but with hard scrubbing for long hours. Whereas, with a rust removal solution, you could cut your rust removal time in half.

And among the rust removal product available today, Rusterizer is surely one that could have you deliver an effective rust removal process. Apart from that, it is also safe given that it is made with natural ingredients.

More is that its manufacturer, My Cleaning Products, now offers its solutions with 30% discount for its New Year special. And that just make Rusterizer an even more affordable product for you, other homeowners and rust contractors. As it said, you just have to enter code “NEWYEAR” at checkout to take advantage of the month-long special.

Get Your Rusterizer Early for a Sure 30% Product Discount.


Some Fun Before The Holidays

I found this mobile game and loved it. It’s close to the holidays and figured I post the secret to get this mobile game (which is usually $0.99… for free)!

You flick candies at people in the back the movie theater. The game has hilarious movie goers and sound effects. We posted the videos below… I played the demo and was really fun and if your a fan on their Facebook page, you get it free. While everyone else pays $0.99…

The secret is… be sure to like their Facebook fan page. All friends and family who like the fan page will get this game free for their phone as well as any updates. Check out the videos below… its the creator explaining the game mechanics.

Video Demo #1

Video Demo #2

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How to Prep for Possible Rust After Hurricane Sandy?

The effects of Hurricane Sandy are sure to linger for months long. And among other things, it is specifically because of the flooding that it brought in. Aside from mold infestation that will surely surge in the coming days, expect that it will also cause rusting on metal items soaked in flood waters for days.

In a way, rust is similar with mold. The presence of moisture also triggers its occurrence. However, it only occurs in metals.

Nonetheless, the fact that rusting only happens in metal items does not mean it can’t damage things made of other materials. In fact, it can. And basically, that’s because of its stains. Just a slight touching of one item with a rusty tool or equipment could already transfer the dark brown stain that the corrosion produces.

Given that during the Hurricane Sandy so many items made with metal were soaked, and might even be soaked until now, flood victims are sure up for several rusty problems. And that’s from stains to the corrosion of the item itself.

Sure thing, those metal pieces could be saved by drying them up. However, there is no assurance to that as moisture could have already seeped into them. So what do you have to do to save your things?

Well, the best that you can do is dry up the items and prepare a rust removal spray. With a rust solution ready, you can immediately do a rust treatment in case it corrodes even after you got it cleaned and dried. That way, you can prevent the item’s complete ruin.

But of the many rust removal products, you should choose Rusterizer. It is safe as it is made with natural ingredients. And if you are worried about the quality, don’t be. It was proven effective by many rust contractors and homeowners. If you want, you can test it out yourself.

Get a Sample of Rusterizer Today